Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jade is crawling...

Jade started crawling at 4th mth and 2nd weeks of age... we're in Edmonton when she did it. We're sitting on a 3 seats sofa - then within my arms reach with a thought to give Jade more room to stretch, i put Jade at the end of the sofa while i sat on the other end.

To encourage Jade to move forward, i put few toys in front of her, she was starring at the toys for a while and all of sudden, she started crawling:

That amazed me and those friends around us that day. One of them said "wow!! she is so determined"

Mama is so proud of you Jade!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jade's baby dedication

We organized Jade's baby dedication at Aldergrove SDA Church during 1st sabbath service on 20th June 2009.

Here are some of the photos:

Jade and her father...

I love taking photos - and now my object is always Jade :D

I like these photos of Jade taken with her daddy during our trip to Edmonton, AB recently:

Alberta Trip

Two weeks ago, hubby gave me 4 days notice that we're goin to Alberta (AB). Alberta is another province next to our beautiful British Columbia.

So there we packed and drove 12 hours (not including stops) across the rockies mountains and valleys to Edmonton, AB. Hubby said maybe stay for 3 days but we ended up stayed for 9 days!

On the way closer to Merrit, BC - we saw this beautiful scenery:

As soon as we reached Edmonton, we drove directly to the biggest shopping mall in North America: West Edmonton Mall. Check out their website

Snap these photo while inside the mall:

Monday, June 8, 2009

Jade and puppy Sammy

This puppy Sammy belongs to Aunt Ann and Uncle Russ - they're my MIL's best friend and in-laws too!

Jade met Sammy for the 1st time last 2 weeks, on Sabbath afternoon 30th May. Jade was so interested looking at Sammy. She never really see a dog so close like that. 1 interesting fact, Sammy is same age with Jade; 4 month olds hehehe...

Aunt Ann told me that they bought Sammy for Cad$!! what an expensive dog but he is beautiful - i loves the color and how it divided on his eyes...look so perfectly beautiful (not handsome!!) LOL...

Gifts from baby shower

On the way home from the baby shower, a friend of mine asked me 'no water for the baby shower??'

I said 'oooo..this one is just for gifts shower, so no need water" hehehe

So here are pictures of Jade gifts from the baby shower:

Days following the shower, Jade was still receiving gifts from people at the church. Last week she got 2 bags and last Sabbath, she brought home 3 more bags of gift.

Thanks be to God - with this custom, save us at least Cad $600-00 from buying baby's cloths and books.


You got what i mean if you have baby.

Baby use lots of diaper -in 1 day can use up to 8 diapers!

To save time and money, last month me and hubby decided to stock up diapers and wipes for baby. Guess what, the 1st box of diapers was gone within 3 weeks!! is a poo machine LOL...